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 Desalination Systems | Download Desalination Catalog

Desalination - From Brackish to SeawaterDesalination Systems

Salt Removal with RO, Potability with LS3 Processing

Global's Desal Series

  • Mobile to make it easily transportable by land, air or sea... or...
  • Fixed Base on platforms for encampments, permanent facilities, municipal use or industry.
  • Self-contained power source or compatible to local power 110V-480V 60 Hz or 220V - 380V 50 Hz.
  • Submersible or suction feed pumps to meet the needs.
  • Modules for optimum efficiency to network up at any municipal size.
  • Modularization provides for faster manufacturing and installation, easier access, easier and less costly maintenance.
  • Meets or exceeds US-EPA, U.S. ANSI, EU and W.H.O. potable water standards.
LS3-Desal-M75GPH System


1: Global's LS3 Fresh Water Component for its Water Purification Process

a: Through filtration is captures parasites, like Giardia, Cryptosporidium or amoebae.

b: Through its proprietary multi-media filtration pod it captures hazardous metals: like lead or mercury; toxic chemicals, insecticides, pesticides, radon, chlorine, bad taste and odor.

c: Utilizing ultra-violet, it kills all bacteria and viruses.

2. Global's RO Component for its Salt Water Purification Process

Removes salt up to 45,000 ppm (50,000 ppm for military systems). Options to 60,000 ppm.

Four Modes of Operation

Global Water's MILITARY DESAL SERIES uniquely have four modes of operation.

Mode 1 - RO & LS3:

Sea water is processed first through the RO component (to remove the salt - TDS) and then through the LS3 component to provide the highest quality drinking water from the worst of possible sources.

Mode 2 - LS3 only:

For fresh water, we process only through the LS3 component. This process provides high quality drinking water through a simple to operate, low maintenance, field tested system, requiring no backwashing, no chemicals and no waste.

Mode 3 - RO only:

Any water, fresh or seawater, is processed solely through the RO. This process provides acceptable drinking water.

Mode 4 - both RO & LS3 simultaneously:

Fresh water is processed directly by both the LS3 and the RO components of the system simultaneously. This process provides double the capacity output of potable water.

Desal Systems

 Desalination Systems | Desalination Catalog

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