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Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, President, Director

Alan M. Weiss

Alan Weiss' s business acumen as a management consultant is highlighted by his background and experience in accounting, computers, insurance, manufacturing, marketing, financial planning and management. Weiss received his BBA (Accounting) from the University of Miami (FL). In 1962 he joined the Aetna Life and Casualty Insurance Company, (Hartford, CT) as Assistant Regional Controller (NY; NJ; PA) and was appointed the life division's first computer systems analyst. Through his Life Insurance, Personal and Corporate Financial Planning background, he created and served as President of Incom, Inc., the first computerized financial analysis program for the life insurance industry; author and lecturer on financial planning. Throughout the 70' s and 80' s Weiss was involved in cattle breeding, management and beef processing: President, Western Cattle Management Company; President, M-A Cattle Co. (Dallas, TX); President, Steak Tonight Inc. (Dallas, TX). Since 1987, he has been President and Chairman of ASAC CORPORATION, a manufacturing company and President of SWP Holding Company, which develops joint ventures and consults in corporate turn-around situations. In 1992, he served as Chairman and President of Mt. Baker Plywood Company (Bellingham, WA). Weiss acquired Global Water in 1996.

Sr. Vice President – Marketing & Corporate Development

Volker Hohmann

Volker has over 20 years of multi-national experience in marketing, strategic planning, and corporate & business development, in the construction, engineering, and industrial equipment manufacturing industries. As a dynamic business professional, Volker has a proven track record driving results through executing strategies, partnerships, new market entry and growth initiatives. Prior joining Global Water Group, Volker held senior positions as Ex.-Partner with Construction Group International, CEO & President for Boecker USA, Inc., Director of Corporate Marketing for The Turner Corporation, the nation’s largest commercial builder, and Sr. Manager Corporate Development for Hochtief AG, the world’s leading international engineering and construction service provider. Besides studying engineering at the University of Bremen in Germany, Mr. Hohmann received his BBA (Marketing) from the University of Texas at El Paso and his MBA from the University of Phoenix.

Chief Operating Officer

Ricky D. Stafford

Rick Stafford' s business expertise is in operations management, purchasing and marketing. Rick was the Chief Operating Officer for Mt. Baker Plywood (Bellingham, WA.) where he managed a 440,000 sq. ft., 165 employee plywood manufacturing company. At Mt. Baker he supervised their $12M annual operation, including purchasing, production and finance. Rick currently serves as treasurer of ASAC CORPORATION. He attended the University of Texas at Arlington as a marketing major in 1973.

Chief Electrical Engineer

Darrel G. Walker

Darrell received his BSEE from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville Arkansas. He has been an independent consultant/contractor for twenty-two years. Programming languages include Fortran, Pascal, Basic, Visual Basic (B6), C/C++, and Dynamic C. Access and Visual Basic used for business applications. CAD for schematic capture and circuit board design.
Ladder logic for PLCs. Processors / Microcontrollers used: 8080, 8085, Z80, 6800, 6502, TMS1000, MC68010, MC68376, Cop402, Pace, 68HC0x, MCS48 family, MCS51 family, PIC familys, Atmel AVR and MegaAVR families, Jack Rabbit, and M50930, Industrial PCs, and Automation Direct, Allen-Bradley and Modicon PLCs, VFDs and soft start motor controls. Communications: Extensive protocol development to support product and systems communications. Product designs include both analog and digital circuits and microcontrollers. Darrell has designed and built several pump and flow control systems.

Sr. Vice President-Managing Director Global Water AsiaPacific

Bill E. Brody

Mr. Brody has a B. A. in Economics from Hawaii Pacific University and a MBA in Statistical Budgeting and Finance from US Army School of Finance. From 1963 to 1984 Bill served with the U.S. Marine Corps in Vietnam and later with the U.S. Army in Special Operations with a rank of Chief Warrant Officer. Bill has three Purple Hearts, the Silver and Bronze Stars and many other awards and has seen extensive combat duty. For more than 25 years, Mr. Brody has managed or developed business strategies for corporations in Europe, Asia and the US. Previously Mr. Brody was Vice President of Technology for MPSI Software in Singapore, wholly responsible for world-wide new product development and marketing. This software provided users with the first voice activated loan by phone software. For the prior 5 years as Chairman and CEO of CSCI, Mr. Brody developed funding arrangements with Wall Street Bankers formed strategic partnerships and major OEM agreements for the Samna Corporation in Atlanta.

Sr. Vice President - Director of Eastern European Marketing

Charles H. Botwick

Charles Botwick has over 25 years of experience in programs and projects of virtually every type in water, wastewater, environmental services, energy and transportation infrastructure and development and emergency and disaster response and planning services. He holds a Masters Degree in Chemistry with a minor in Environmental Engineering and two Undergraduate Degrees in Biology and Chemistry. Charles has worked extensively with the engineering, planning and management services pertinent to disaster response and disaster mitigation. In 1994 Charles was instrumental in the establishment of a new Standard Industrial Classification (SIC Code) for the Environmental Industry (SIC 8744). Charles' work resulted in accolades from The White House and in the receipt of The Notable Achievement Medal form The US Army Corp of Engineers/Society of American Military Engineers(SAME) for his achievements. Mr. Botwick is also the recipient of an Army Commendation (as a civilian) for the Demonstration of State-of-the-Art Environmental Remediation and Technologies. Mr. Botwick has chaired presentations of new technologies at The White House since 1996. Recently Charles was appointed by The White House to Co-Chair a European/US Environmental Technology for The Third Millennium Event which took place in Amsterdam in December of 2000. Charles was also appointed (as the only civilian) to the Society of American Military Engineers Technology Advancement Committee in 1998.


Brigadier General Richard B. Yules, M.D. (Boca Raton, FL.)

Doctor Yules is presently a consultant and member of numerous boards in the medical and biotechnology fields. He is a Brigadier General (Ret.) and former Assistant to the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs. He received both his BA and MD degrees at Yale, his general and plastic surgery residency at Stanford University, and his ENT at Harvard. He maintains a Harvard Medical School position as the MSLO. Board certified in otolaryngology since 1971, Dr. Yules is a fellow in many of his 31 professional societies. He has held numerous NSF grants, spoken at, instructed at and/or attended over 120 medical or administrative meetings, and published over 50 manuscripts including 4 books.

Dr. Henry W. Sullivan (Houston, TX.)

Dr. Sullivan is currently President & CEO, GAIA Holdings, Inc., Chairman, President and Director, TieTek, Inc., Director, North American Technologies Group, Inc. (NATK), and Director of Ionic Fuels Technology, Inc. A former Vice President of Shell Chemical Company, in 1988 he became President of Huntsman Petrochemical Corporation.

Dr. R. L. McDonald, International Finance, (Tampa, FL.)

Dr. McDonald has his doctorate in psychiatry. He is President of Reserve General Escrow Co., and is a specialist in international finance.

Jessica W. Borden, Economist (W. Hartford, CT.)

Jessica received her BA from Smith College (Northampton, Mass.); she has served in the Offices of Management and Budget for the City of New York and as the Budget Analyst in the Office of Policy & Management for the State of Connecticut.

Kenneth Burgess, Banker and Computer Consultant, (Delray Beach, FL.)

Ken was formerly Executive Vice President (Information Technology/Systems) of Enterprise National Bank of Palm Beach, Florida. He is President of ISKB, Inc. and Webfeat Productions, Inc. (Delray Beach, FL.), both computer software companys. Ken has been a computer consultant for IBM and was a technical specialist for Intel systems.

Company History | Mission Statement | Management | Company Brochure

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