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How to Clean and Purify Water | Fresh Water Purification Systems | Fresh Water Purification for Municipal Systems | Download Fresh Water Systems Catalog

Fresh Water SystemsFresh Water Purification Systems

For Small Villages Throughout the World

The following is a brief synopsis of Global Water' s proposal for providing potable water for various size villages and various levels of water purification production. The objective is to provide equipment that can be easily transported either motorized or by hand to remote and mountainous regions. The water sources are fresh water from rivers, lakes, streams, ponds, wells, or semi-municipal types of systems.

First of all, Global can meet all of the requirements as specified for the provision of potable water at every type of venue.

Secondly, Global' s experience with providing water purification equipment for U.S. Special Operations of the U.S. Military (Special Forces, Army, Air Force, Marines, Delta Force, etc.) gives our company a unique advantage in understanding these situations. We have specialized for over fourteen years in all types of water purification from backpacks to large trailered systems or even municipal systems. We have dealt with refugee camps or small emergency units or home use.

LS3-Village System

Multiple GLobal-LS3-Village-200E' s

The basic GLOBAL LS3-VILLAGE SYSTEM has three elements:

Filters for parasites:

(a) 5-Micron Filter

(b) 1-Micron Filter

Global' s proprietary Multi-Media Pod for removal of hazardous chemicals.

Ultra-Violet Lamp to kill bacteria and viruses

Water purification systemIn this example, there are two of these units working in tandem. Each unit will process 10 gallons per minute (GPM). They are coupled at one end. 20 GPM total.

The water inlet pipe is to be connected to this end and the shore pressure from the city water will push the water through the system.

There is a valve to both restrict water flow and to turn off the water when you need to change filters.





Fresh water processing; FRAME ASSEMBLY suitable for lifting, placing on flatbed or ground; filter assembly: pre-filtering for silt, 5-Micron and 1-Micron for parasite removal; Global's LS3-Multi-Media system for removal of hazardous chemicals; Ultra-Violet assembly for killing bacteria and viruses; chlorine injection system for protection for holding water and redundant system for bacteria and viruses; floatation assembly for pulling source water; pressure gauges and flow meter with Global's electronic control box.

Global' s Unique Modular Platform Systems

Fresh Water Processing Systems








10 38 600 2,268 14,400 54,432
15 57 900 3,402 21,600 81,648
20 76 1,200 4,536 28,800 108,864
25 95 1,500 5,670 36,000 136,080
30 113 1,800 6,804 46,200 174,636
35 132 2,100 7,938 50,400 190,512
40 151 2,400 9,072 57,600 217,728
50 189 3,000 11,340 72,000 272,160
60 227 3,600 13,608 86,400 326,592
70 265 4,200 15,876 100,800 381,024
80 302 4,800 18,144 115,200 435,456
90 340 5,400 20,412 129,600 489,888
100 378 6,000 22,680 144,000 544,320
140 529 8,400 31,752 201,600 762,048
174 658 10,440 39,463 250,560 947,117
184 694 11,023 41,667 264,550 1,000,000

System Options: (Quoted Separately)

  • Trailer
  • All Weather Housing
  • Generator
  • DC and Solar Power
  • Dolly Assembly
  • Anchor Tie-Down
  • Self-Cleaning UV
  • Sensor and Alarms

How to Clean and Purify Water | Fresh Water Purification Systems | Fresh Water Purification for Municipal Systems | Download Fresh Water Systems Catalog

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