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Water Purification, Wastewater Processing and Wastewater-Effluent Recycling for Villages Towns, Limited size Encampments, MASH Units, Subdivisions and other controlled environments.

Entire village concept 1

Source water can be any source: fresh or seawater.

Non-drinkable water, even highly contaminated water, is purified and potable.



"Used" water flows down the drain and is emptied into the Wastewater System.



Black-water from the toilets is emptied into the Wastewater System.



Wastewater effluent is processed in a Gray-Water Recycling System where the suspended solids are recycled to the wastewater tank and the remaining effluent is purified to be used in any manner needed.



The "Village" now has a water system that is totally safe for personal use or return to the environment.



Step 1: Purifying Water To Potability



Global' s LS3 Water Purification System



Step 2: Processing Wastewater



Global' s Wastewater System



Step 3: Recycling the Wastewater Effluent



Global' s Gray-Water System






These systems can be sized, in a modular format, for use in a small village or the largest city. They can be located in remote areas for more effective development without extensive infra-structure connections. The size can be increased and can even be relocated to better fit the changing needs.

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